Current projects


EMOTIONAL COMPETENCE in school transitions

This corner-stone project will look at how individual differences in emotional competence affect mental health and well-being during the transition from primary to secondary school. This project is funded by the Academy of Medical Sciences/Wellcome Trust

Effect of Prebiotics of Emotion Processing at Behavioural and brain Level

This faculty-funded project will look at the effect of prebiotic intake on emotion regulation abilities at the behavioural and brain level, with particular focus on possible interactions with nutrition and sleep. 

Training the developing emotion-regulation network using neurofeedback

In this study, we train anxious girls to regulate information flow between brain network regions using functional connectivity neurofeedback (NF) in a real-time setting. More... 

who benefits from Neurofeedback training and who doesn't?

In this project we develop differential profiles for good neurofeedback learners and non-learners.


We are pleased to be part of the BUG group and the Brain and Behaviour section at the University of Surrey.